Our projects’ service encompasses those requests from clients for a solution to a particular problem area.

This can involve sourcing a particular product or service to come up with a solution to fit budgets, time scales or other criteria set down in the brief by the client.

We use our vast experience of products and services to help you solve your problem, there is not a lot that we have not been asked to do in the past.

  • Case Study 1

    Blue Orange Office Solutions are currently working on a recycling program project for an international bank, combining our signage knowledge with that of product procurement.

    The object of this particular project was to provide a recycling solution that made it more user friendly and therefore more efficient and was flexible in respect to the information being easily changeable and the end product being flexible in size to fit the various locations.

  • Case Study 2 - Storage Solution

    Blue Orange Office Solutions provided a complete solution to the storage issues being experienced by one of our established clients, two completely full storage rooms that required urgent attention to establish an inventory based efficient storage solution.

    The solution involved CAD planning to maximize storage space and deliver more usable space. The project included the supply of shelving and an installation team to carry out the work of clearing out the rooms, installing the new shelf units, labeling and putting items back.

    At the same time, remedial works were carried out to the ceiling and lighting units were moved to increase the light, new light units were supplied and fitted to finish off the lighting improvements.

    The flooring also required attention and the old carpet tiles together with unwanted stored items were removed and disposed of.

    The whole solution was project managed from start to finish and the client was extremely pleased with the result.

  • Case Study 3 - World Time Zone Clock Installation

    Not all solutions we undertake to provide are big projects, Blue Orange OSL were asked to fit a world time zone clock to a trading floor, rather than the conventional ceiling and wall mounted fittings, we were asked to fit the clock to a glass partition frame.

    The client did not want to use the the ceiling as the building was listed and the use of glass partitioned offices around the perimeter of the trading floor meant that no solid walls were available.

    This unusual request meant that a completely new fitting had to be manufactured to safely fit the clock to the partioning frames. Precise measurements were needed and fabric selection for the thickness of the metal brackets was crucial to ensure that the clock was mounted securely, in the correct position and that the metal brackets could take the weight of the clock.

    The brackets were then manufactured and sprayed to match the clock housing. Special binding plugs were used to sandwich the mounting plate of the bracket to the aluminium partition track face.

    The clock was then professionally installed outside of normal working hours and the area left clean and tidy…. a relatively small project that required a company that could and would provide a solution.

    Blue Orange OSL were proud to provide a ‘peace of mind’ solution without fuss to our client.